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BricKing Of The Hill – Animation Competition

How To Enter:

💎 Create an animated/AI lyric video for one of the songs on the list below.
💎 Video can be simple or complex, it’s up to you.
💎 Post it on X/Twitter, tag @ LFGOCommunity, use hashtag #RaidShantyLFGO #BricKingOfTheHill
💎 Join our telegram (link on X)
💎 Once posted, we poll tg community “Yes/No: put on LFGO YouTube”
💎 30+ votes with greater than 75% “Yes” gets on the LFGO YouTube channel
💎 Vid with highest # of 👍 on YT is current BricKing Of The Hill for this song on this website.
💎 Contest runs forever; BricKing Of The Hill can change any time!